Budget Savvy Diva’s Afternoon Date

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I just have to love this picture  —We both did not know where to look ( Oh well)

It was such a nice day today that Mr.Savvy and I decided to save some gas money and walk to the store and pick up some “fro-yogurt” ( this is how I say it 😉 )

  This is one of my favorite type of dates – being able to have a treat usually for under $5 for the both of us.

Here is Mr.Savvy getting some of their PB&J flavor.

Total side rant – I love my husband and all but it drives me crazy that he can stay so skinny. As a frame of reference — he can eat the largest burger at Five Guys ( with all the cheese and bacon) with a full order of their fries and still be hungry.

Here is a picture of my creation

Tips on How To Save Money On Frozen Yogurt 

 – Promotions – Look for coupons or “happy hour times”. I follow all the local places on Facebook so I keep in the know 😉

– Loyalty Cards – Many places have loyalty cards. Many times you can pair that with a promotion to maximize savings

– Know Your Weight – When making your creation remember you are paying by weight. I try and avoid “heavier” toppings such as fruits like “pineapple” rather I go with something like weight like whipped cream.