*BIG NEWS* Budget Savvy Diva Is Writing A Book

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As announced Budget Savvy Diva is writing a BOOK !!! Back in March a publisher came to me with a book idea and told me to go wild – and I did 😉

So much of myself is in the book 🙂 If you are a fan of the site then you will love the book!

It will be in – stores Jan 15 2013

You can pre-order it online NOW! Kindle eBook and Nook will be coming later


Barnes and Noble ( Go through Shop At Home for 2% Cash Back)


The cover has  not been updated with my new character 😉

What The Book is ALL About

Save hundreds to thousands of dollars on grocery shopping a year with this handy guide to saving secrets and tips. Find out the best time to shop, the cheapest place to buy milk (hint: not at the grocery store!), how to maximize coupons, frugal tasty recipes, and much much more!
There will be TONS of frugal recipes – over 40 of them! Many of them NEW!

With the rising cost of food and the sluggish economy, it’s difficult to keep the grocery bill from breaking the bank.

But this book shows how easy it is to save 50 to 70 percent on each shopping trip while still living well and eating healthy, delicious meals.

Bargain hunter extraordinaire Sara Lundberg shares her secrets for tracking down the best deals and getting the most bang for one’s shopping bucks.

Readers learn the secrets and strategies of navigating the grocery store, such as the best times to shop, the tricks stores use to make consumers spend more (and how to outsmart them), and even tips to save money in the kitchen with common household items.

Also included are dozens of delicious time-and-money-saving recipes that please even the pickiest eaters, from easy stuffed-crust pizza bites and slow cooker mac-and-cheese to homemade taco seasonings and 7-Up biscuits.