How to Get Box Cake to Taste Homemade

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How to Get Box Cake to Taste Homemade
In just a few easy steps you can make your box cake recipes taste homemade! Read your instructions and add one more egg, two if you want it more rich. For the next step you use melted butter instead of oil and twice as much. Ditch the water and use milk! Finally mix and bake, it really is a huge difference that you’ll be able to tell by the first bite. YUM!


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  • ann beck

    I use the milk instead of the water and I find a difference for the better-next time gonna do the the extra egg and butter thing

  • Leah

    OMG!! I will never make cake any other way!! It was amazing !!so fluffy and light. I did make cupcakes with this recipe and I made the mistake is opening the oven door so instead puffing up ,they fell -not as pretty ,but amazingly tasty!! YUMMMM

  • Kristy

    Or… could just make a cake from scratch. Cheaper, just as easy, and without all the chemicals and preservatives in the cake mix. I mean, seriously, all the cake mix does in this instance is pre-measure your sugar and flour. I think y’all can do that. 🙂

  • Andrea

    I made this. Some people said it was richer, some didn’t notice any difference. I did notice the cake was much heavier in weight. I personally thought it tasted better.

  • katy

    I’m wondering how this would work with high altitude… I’ve giving up baking from scratch bc nothing turns out but box cakes are so blah!! I’ll give it a try tomorrow, but I always use applesauce instead of oil since its healthier wonder how this will effect it also!!

  • Allen

    I always substitute the oil with mayonnaise. Mayo is oil and egg so the cake comes out moist and rich. Works great for biscuits too, do the same thing replace the oil with the mayo, people will rave about how light, moist and flaky your biscuits are.

  • Kris

    I baked the cake following using this method….and if that wasn’t enough, I made a poke cake out of it (using cheesecake flavored pudding). I’m not much of a cake eater so I didn’t think it was anything special but my daughter thought it was TO DIE FOR!!

  • Ali

    The cake is baking right now! I know it will be great. How could extra butter and egg not make something better? Also on the semi-homemade note, I take store bought icing and whip it with my mixer. It doubles the batch and taste great too! Thanks for the baking tips.

    • Peggy Does Cake

      Ali, I agree! On the rare occasion that I have ever used canned icing, I whip it, as well. But I also drop in about 2 or 3 tablespoons of room temperature butter. It honestly takes it to a different level of richness, in my opinion. Homemade icing is so easy that I can hardly imagine anyone using store bought unless it’s an emergency, but sometimes you just have to grab and can and run. The added butter and whipping make it not just bearable, but delicious!

  • Lydia Lopez

    Absolutely loved this version! Just finished eating a slice of the German Chocolate Cake using these suggestions and wow let me tell you it’s absolutely super moist. The cake nearly doubled in size, I made it in a bunt cake pan and the buttery flavor was just perfect! I will use these tips when prepping for a fast cake! Thanks A Bunch! 😉

  • Cloey teitsch

    before I try this, I want to make sure how much butter (melted) I need to use instead of oil? You mentioned twice as much, that means I need 1 cup of melted butter (in box, it says half cups of vegetable oil) Please let me know! Thanks!

  • Pat

    i wanted to add fresh carrots, rasins, walnuts, and coconut to a carrot cake box mix. can you help and tell me how much and more to add to the box mix. PLEASE help and thank you for your time.

  • Lori

    I make my cakes by starting with one box mix and adding 4 eggs, 1/2 milk or water, 1/3 melted butter and 1 small box of instant pudding and a half cup of sour cream. It makes the cakes very dense and moist. It is perfect if you are wanting to stack or carve your cakes!

  • Mary Alyce

    I tried this today, 2/3/14. Did not like the outcome. Will go back to the way I make cakes/cupcakes by adding, in addition to ingredients on the box, the following: 3/4 c. flour; 1/2 c. sugar; 1 tsp. baking powder; another egg in addition to those on the box; 1 tbsp. vegetable oil; 1/4 c. water; 1 pkg. Dream Whip (dry), optional but makes better cake. A box mix usually makes about 24 cupcakes. Adding the above will yield 32-34 cupcakes, very light, delicious. I’ve been using this method for several years.

  • Mary

    I clicked on Homemade & Instructions thinking they were links to the recipes, not realizing that the suggested recipe is what follows:

    Add one more egg
    Add two more eggs for more richness
    Use melted butter instead of oil
    Does that mean follow the recipe on the back of the box except for the above steps and if so, do I include the egg already listed so 2 or 3 will be the amount of eggs? Sorry. A little hard to follow. Love your budget friendly ideas and have started following you on pinterest.

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  • Patricia A Cahill

    First thing, you are adorable. Your photo is precious. Second, thank you for sharing the information on box cake how to. So happy to have found you.
    Be well,