Make Your Own Scentsy Cubes

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DIY Scentsy Cubes
It’s so easy and has saved me soo much money on this addicting little thing. All you need is a candle warmer, ice cube tray, and your favorite scent of candle. You simply melt your candle and┬ácarefully pour the candle into the ice cube tray. Let the wax dry and ENJOY your new scents!


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    • Danielle

      Of course its best to use an authentic Scentsy Bar! Scentsy bars will last much longer and the warmer is meant for our paraffin wax. But, if you are going to try the “make-your-on” you don’t have to spray it with cooking spray….that may change the scent. Put the ice tray in the freezer. Let it sit for a minute or two…The scents should pop right out.

  • Janelle

    A better idea is to pour out your melted candle wax straight into your empty Scentsy container and add a few drops of scented oil. This works perfectly, and you can keep adding oil drops as needed.

  • Janice Barham

    Also be aware – this WILL void the warranty that you have when you purchase your Scentsy warmer. Scentsy is SUPERB about replacing warmers if they are damaged. I know first hand… I had to send one back myself. But if you use anything other than a Scentsy bar… it will void the warranty.

    • momtogreyson

      Everyone says this…but there is NO WAY for Scentsy to know if you have only used Scentsy bars in their warmers. I have known of quite a few people who have used many types of bars and still gotten Scentsy to replace a warmer.

    • Danielle w

      Well I wish I would have known this the years ago! My scentsy warmer I had broke and I have no idea what ever happened to it.

  • April Howze

    Instead of pan spray,, you can put the tray in the freezer for 15 minutes or so and they will pop out like ice cubes,,, the same for cleaning used votive cups or any candle jar for that matter ,,, have done this for years and works great…

  • Deb

    Be sure you use soy wax. It has a lower melt temperature and works better with the low wattage lightbulbs. Regular candle wax doesn’t melt well at a low enough temperature, and soy wax gives you less of a chance of getting burned by the melted wax. It also cleans up easier.

  • Blueridge

    I have one scentsy warmer, and made a 2nd one with an inexpensive beverage warmer (Walgreens, $4) + a small pyrex custard cup for the melted wax. In my experience, scentsy cubes are the best, but other scented candle waxes work OK.

  • greenma

    I get headaches from scentsy and cheap candles so I am sure they are all loaded with fake chemical scents. Essential oils are more often infused in soy candles.

  • Amanda Lutterman

    I buy the ScentSationals @ Wal-Mart for $2 per 6 wax cubes. They last a long while & have a very strong scent throw. I purchased a tea light warmer from Wal-Mart for $3. A box of 25 tea lights is only $1.50 @ Wal-Mart.
    When my used wax starts to lose the scent, I pop it out of my warmer with a spoon and store it in a Ziploc bag.
    When I have a good portion of used wax, I microwave it in a pretty glass container from the Dollar Tree, insert my wick & voila free candle.
    If you want to make your free candle smell just add a fresh wax cube to the used wax before you microwave it.