Toys R Us Class Action Lawsuit

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I post lawsuit information to keep readers informed — but what do you think about this one? Has this ever happened to you with a retailer? You think there is a instore promotion only to learn there was nothing at all?

 Toys “R” Us, Inc. has been hit with a class action lawsuit claiming it lured in online shoppers with offers of valuable free gifts, but then gave them dinky gifts, or no gift at all.

Lead Plaintiff William Probert is seeking to represent a proposed class of all Toys “R” Us customers nationwide that purchased a product from the Toys “R” Us website and did not receive a promised “free gift” with purchase.

Find all the details HERE.


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  • Amanda

    Toys R Us was frustrating for me this year. We have a Toys R Us Express store – and they would carry the items but not the free item (for example, if you spent $50 on Barbie items you were supposed to get a free carrying case). So I checked online and the closest ‘regular’ Toys R Us said they had them in stock. (As well as a few other freebie deals like the Hello Kitty and the desk lego Friends set). So we drove 30 minutes to shop at that store. When we got there the cashier told us they had been out of stock for a few days – but they would be getting a new shipment in anytime now. Frustrating? Yes – esp. since online they showed they were in stock! Would I sue? No! The ad says while supplies last. I’m sure they didn’t have many to begin with (do I think it’s a sneaky way to lure people in without having to actually give them the items – yes…) but that’s the way it goes sometimes!

  • Elizabeth

    Would I sue? No…. But I’ve had the same frustrating experience several times this Christmas season as well as last year. We have access to 4 Toys R Us stores within a 30 mile radius and every “free” gift I wanted to get was out of stock at every location. The impression given by the employees was that very few (if any) items were available to begin with and referenced the “while supplies last” fine print in their ad.