5 Foods You’re Spoiling By Putting In the Refrigerator

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You could be throwing away money weekly if you are placing any of these foods in the fridge. I know I would place basil in the fridge all the time! I hope you find this list useful. If you would like more lists like this please let me know. I also have hundreds of other budget tips HERE for you to check out.

There are so many little things you can do today to save money. Remember every penny counts and storing food properly can help you save tons.


  1. Potatoes

Those cold temperatures are bad for potatoes. The potato starch turns into sugar. The problem is that is the flavor of the potato changes and it is NOT a good change 😉 What you want to do is store the potatoes in a paper bag ( I use one from the market) in a pantry) Sunlight is also bad for potatoes.


2. Onions

This is one mistake I use to make all the time. Onions need air circulation to stay fresh. Make sure to keep onions in the pantry in a open type bag. Onions emit a gas ( did you know that ?!) this gas will cause items like potatoes to spoil. If you have chopped onions they are okay in the fridge.


3. Tomatoes

Cool air is really bad for tomatoes – it actually causes a chemical change. It actually dulls the flavor of the tomatoes. Keeping the tomatoes in the fridge will only alter the taste of the tomatoes nothing else. If you do chop tomatoes keep them in the fridge.


4) Basil

I used to keep basil in the fridge all the time. Took me forever to figure out that this was a bad idea.  Simply put if you place basil in the fridge it will turn black ( YUK!) You will want to keep basil on the counter in a cool place – I place mine in a glass with a bit of water.


5. Melon

Cold weather affects the antioxidants. Air stunts the growth – so keep melons on the counter in a bowl. You can refrigerate cut melons.

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