Plan A Trip To The Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon at sunset

The Grand Canyon National Park is a must-see for any explorer and an incredible park at any time of year. This fantastic natural wonder becomes almost magical in the fall. So if you have never been, you should definitely come to see the Grand Canyon. With plenty of park activities, tours, mesmerizing views, wildlife, and an abundance of lodging options you can seriously plan your Grand Canyon visit.

Eric and I love to travel. We’ve often planned to have staycations and it just doesn’t ever pan out. I’m not sure why because the actual travel part of traveling isn’t really the point. It’s the destination, not the journey, that captivates us—unless, of course, that destination contains other smaller journeys; or the journey contains other smaller destinations on the way to the actual destination.
However, or why-ever you travel, there is magic in the new memories that are forged in those experiences. The food, the cultures, the breathtaking sites it all compounds to generate those extraordinary moments you just can’t duplicate at home.
One place Eric and I have always dreamed of visiting was the Grand Canyon. Eric was enamored by it ever since he first rode past Walt Disney’s huge diorama of the famous landscape on the Disneyland Railroad. That display and the True Life Adventures he watched as a child instilled a passion for nature and a reverence for creation that we are so fortunate remains preserved for both our recreation and our inspiration. I don’t think any national park or monument does this with such magnitude as the Grand Canyon.

grand Canyon, South Rim

Now, there was a period of time when we lived in Arizona. Not that Eric didn’t beg to go visit the park then, but it was too close to home at the time. It wasn’t until much later that we finally decided it was time to go. Eric had visited the Grand Canyon briefly on a family road trip and he said it was so magnificent, no pictures could truly capture the immensity and the beauty of it all. You have to actually be there.
Planning all of the trails and guided hikes that focus on the history of the indigenous wildlife and the formation of the land has been fun. The Grand Canyon is possibly the most obvious and glorious place to bask in natural wonder and soak in imagery you can’t find anywhere else. That’s the number one thing we look for on most of our vacations.
Besides the multitude of trails along the rims and down into the canyon– and the mule rides– you can also raft along the Colorado River on 1 to 25 day expeditions. Eric loves to raft and wants this to be part of our experience, but what we are both really excited about is the historic Grand Canyon Railroad. Just learning about the history of this railroad and riding in the restored train cars is a fun and romantic way to travel along the region and take in the splendor of a bygone era.
Another amazing experience to look forward to at the Grand Canyon is the spectacular, starry night sky. The multitude of stars and the Milky Way stretching across the sky, unencumbered by city lights is supposed to be breathtaking. I can’t wait to take this trip with Eric and try to photograph it all. Who’s been to the Grand Canyon, and what was your favorite thing to do there?

Disclaimer – This is a paid sponsored post for Grand Canyon Deals – all the thoughts and opinions are my own.