I Had A Breakdown.

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I kept trying to figure out exactly how to title this post. I want to record all the good and bad of this pregnancy – so I knew I wanted to make this post ( and it has taken me about a week to get everything together in my head). I was not sure what photo to have on this post so I chose one of my daughter at 23 weeks. So here is what went down – I just hit 23 weeks at this point.

I am able to feel movement from both babies – Baby A ( girl) more than Baby B ( boy) this is because the boy’s placenta is in the front so it acts like a pillow. Here is what went down – April 1st ( which happens to be Watson’s birthday) I wake up to the girl kicking me. I go about my day – for the couple weeks leading up to this I have movement from the boy at least once every 2 hours. Around 11 am I realized I had not felt anything from him in well over 12 hours ( more like 20 hours when I thought about it). So I started using my bag of tricks – drank some cold soda, ate an orange ( he ALWAYS starts moving about 20 minutes after this), pushed on my tummy. NOTHING worked. I let a couple more hours go by – NOTHING. NO MOVEMENT. So I get my doppler and try and find his heartbeat. Guess what.

I CANNOT FIND HIS HEARTBEAT. SO to recap – no movement from Baby B for OVER 20 hours at this point and I cannot find his heartbeat.


Poor Eric I was a MESS – in my mind I was convinced he was GONE. I do not think I cried that hard in my life. So I went over my options – ER room, doctors, or go to one of those 3D ultrasound places.

Called my doctor’s office but did not get many answers other than because of the placenta it would be hard to feel anything. I called the 3D ultrasound place and they had a spot for Monday ( this is all happening on Saturday). So I booked the appointment for Monday so I would have something. Last option was the ER – I wanted to wait a bit more before going to the ER ( I went at 5 weeks and it was not a great experience).

So I sat crying trying to make up my mind on the ER or not and BABY B GAVE ME THE BIGGEST KICK OF MY LIFE! I never felt happier in my life. I have no idea what happened for those 20 hours – but I was so happy to feel him. Poor Watson’s birthday got sidetracked – but in the end my parents came over with pizza and I made him a cat food cake.

I did keep my Monday appointment and I was able to see 3D photos of the babies – I cannot wait to share them with you – I will be writing the post tomorrow with the photos 🙂


All your kind words and mail really have helped me going.