Twin 28 Week 3D Ultrasound

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Here is my mom looking at her grandson — who will be here in “hopefully” 5 ish weeks. The photo above is from the twin’s baby shower — I will be posting ALL about it soon. It was a great day but I still feel like I am still trying to get back to normal.

My parents and I went to the same 3D ultrasound place that my dad and I went to at 23 weeks. I loved seeing them both. She was playing with her feet and he was kicking me ( I think this might be his biggest hobby). For the baby shower I framed each ultrasound photo 🙂

Here is my little princess – her arm is next to her face ( she tends to do this a lot) — I love her little nose.

Here is a better shot of him 🙂 Look at his LIPS! His nose looks flatter than her nose — I am in love with those cheeks!