What I Was Fearing Most is Happening

I have cried a lot today. I am a blubbering mess. A few weeks ago I got a email from Safeway for a trip to the Albertsons Culinary Kitchens & Technical Center near San Fransisco – after some thought I agreed to the trip since Eric would be at home with the twins. But it would mean what I have been fearing most — a night away from my kids. I did not think this would happen for a while. I have been around Gwendolyn for every hour of her life but maybe 10 over the course of the last 3 months. I know they are in safe hands with Eric of course but the thought of not snuggling with them or giving them kisses at anytime is really hard.

The trip is only one night — any tips on how to get through that first night? I will be pumping out milk during my trip — should I try and bring it home? should I dump it before going to the airport? Is there a way to donate it? It will be around 50 oz of milk — hate to waste it all.

PS — I have cried a total of 3 times while writing this post


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  • Laura F.

    I understand, it is hard. And it is the one thing mommy’s always feel guilty about doing: going back to work.

    Now, if you are just worried about being away from them for the night try not to look at the negative. The “selfish” side is you can sleep through the night (hopefully, habit/guilt might keep you up!) but it is fine. This is you going out to make the bacon to bring home to the babies and luckily it is only one night.

    If you can, bring one of their toys to snuggle with and try asking your hubby to send little videos of them. If you are worried about him being alone with the twins, then ask a parent to come and check in during the difficult times – this is where I struggled most. Feeling guilt that we spent all this time together raising the baby and then he might get overwhelmed being alone.

    If anything, this will hopefully not seem so scary once it is over 🙂

  • Lindsey

    Here’s what I did when I traveled cross country while pumping. I was gone about 5 days and I had way more milk than 50 ounces. Make sure to have a refrigerator in your hotel room to store milk until you go to the airport (most places have them or have them available by request.) Take a soft sided cooler with you as well as gallon size bags. Put the bags of milk in the cooler alone until you pass airport security; they will let you take milk through, they just might test every bag with a machine! When you get to the air side, go to a restaurant or bar and get them to fill the gallon bags with ice. Add ice bags to cooler and the milk will stay cold for the flight back.
    There’s also a milk storage company called Milk Stork. Maybe they could be a sponsor?
    You got this. Enjoy the sleep you’ll get!

  • Stacey

    I’m a flight attendant and pumped for a year and half while on the road. I would bring it home and freeze it. You can take it through security. You will probably just have to explain to them the situation.

  • MeaganF

    Leaving is the hardest part but as you get closer to seeing them the better it gets. I hate being away from my kids and when I get pictures or videos it helps me feel better even if I wish I could be there. I know it will be hard but you can do it. Video chat with them and hubby if you can.

    As for the milk if you can’t figure out a way to take it home look up Human Milk for Human Babies in CA on facebook. They are a page that will advertise that you have a donation and if someone needs it they will comment. If you do take it home and it is “past hours” save it for a milkbath. I wasted about 12oz leaving it out on accident one day I was devastated then my friend suggested writting MILK BATH on the bags and saving it for just that. Granted as long as the milk hasn’t gotten sour.