Groupon+ – Easiest Way To Save at Restaurants

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Groupon has got an exciting new service that they’ve reached out to me to try and share with you guys!  It costs you nothing and if you ever dine at local eateries it could put money back on your credit card statement.  It’s simple to sign up for.  Just go here:


I looked this over before I signed up and it is really great, not just because of the cash back that can save you up to 30% off the money you spend at local restaurants, but because it is so seamless and automatic, it’s almost like making money for doing nothing.  That’s because there are no vouchers, printables, or codes.  Just your Groupon+ account linked to a credit card.  Groupon will never charge you money.  The card is linked so that deals you claim on the Groupon+ site get linked to the card.  That way, whenever you use it somewhere where you have claimed a deal the deal is automatically used just by swiping your card.  It’s really easy to use and to sign up.  Use this link to get started.


 I recommend you sign up and see if you can find your favorite place.


If you have bought a Groupon before and have used a credit card, your info is already stored.  You just need to link the card by going here and signing up for Groupon+ or free.  Remember, you pay nothing.  You link your card and claim deals.  The deals go to the card and when you use that card at a location you claimed a deal for you will be reimbursed by Groupon on your credit card statement for the amount the deal is good for.  There is no reason not to check this out.  These deals are local, so let me know in the comments where you are and how great the service is working out for you.


For a more illustrative version of how this free Groupon service works watch this video.

When you sign up with Groupon+ you get automatic 5% cash back at all Groupon+ restaurants and access to deals at thousands of restaurants with up to 30% cash back.  It doesn’t matter how much you spend.  The percentage is the same.  This is the best and most streamlined way to get cashback for claimed deals without hassle or embarrassment.