How We Are Saving Money Hack

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Save when you can is a motto that I am living more and more. With the twins growing we are looking wear we can save in the future. I have a great resource that I want to share with you all. There are a few different sites – but I use Facebook. Every community should have their own Facebook group that is for free and trade – go to Facebook and search your town plus free and trade and something should pop up 🙂

I am part of group in my town and I check in daily to see what people are offering. In the group people post anything they have that they do not need. Example – today I listed a bunch of moving boxes that had been sitting in my garage for the last couple of years. Someone was moving and picked them up. Everyone wins – I do not have the clutter and now she has moving boxes without having to buy them. A few days ago a person posted a ton of toddler shoes – and BOY did I jump on that post FAST! I picked them up a few hours later. I spent an hour cleaning them up.

Yes they are used shoes – but they have life in them still 🙂 There were some great brands too – Stride Rite, Nike, and Adidas. The twins have been wearing the shoes in their latest outfits of the day photos.

I love the maroon shoes that Gwendolyn is wearing; however, they are almost too small 🙁 Maybe a week or more. OH and the romper Lawson is wearing was donated by the shoe couple ( she left some clothes with the shoes). Doing some rough calculations I figure I saved at least $75 in shoe purchases in upcoming months. So make sure if you are not using that resource yet – make sure you do 🙂 Make sure to give back as well 😉