I Have Mommy Guilt

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Sigh… I have talked about this before a few times. I have mommy guilt.

I have tried the last 8 months to feel better – but I cannot help but feel guilty about my favorite child, Lachlan. By the way – each one of my children are my favorites 😉

I love that we are having baby 4 soon – I fully express that this miracle took us by surprise. To find out I was pregnant with baby 4 while Lachlan was only 3 months made me feel bad. Basically I felt like I would not have enough time for him. I will say I give him as much as I can – I work from home so he gets cuddles but I still feel badly. Add in toddler twins – and I feel like Lachlan deserves more. Eric has heard this over and over again and he has assured me I have given him heaps of love and attention.

I think I also feel badly because Lachlan was so late for milestones. His personally is very laid-back and he just did not seem to want to roll-over or sitting or crawling. He does love to crawl now BUT he is far behind on sitting – he can sit but he falls over ( we are planning to go to the doctor’s soon and hear what she says). He had issues with his neck which delayed sitting and it seems like he went straight to crawling and never wants to sit still. We are working with him at home daily to try and get those tummy muscles stronger.

Ahhhhh… I just feel like a bad mom – not so much with the twins but poor little Lachlan – I wish I was able to give him a year of love that was just his.