Lachlan Has A Condition We Have Not Talked About Yet

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Poor little Lachlan. He really is the happiest baby even though he has tons of doctor visits for eating and walking. For whatever reason he has always been behind on his milestones. I know each child is on their own path – but we are trying to be proactive with extra support. We have been open about these extra bits of help he has been receiving – but we have not been open about something else. We were not trying to be sneaky – it was not a huge issue that we thought went away – and the issue is now back.

When we brought Lachlan home we noticed a swelling of his ( I am not sure how to put this) testicles. Go HERE for all the technical stuff. It is called Hydrocele ( (HI-droe-seel) is a type of swelling in the scrotum that occurs when fluid collects in the thin sheath surrounding a testicle.) ) About 5% of newborn boys have this issue. It did not hurt him and it went away when he was 2 months. Well when he was about 13 months we noticed the swelling again. It looks like it hurts so much – but Lachlan does not seem to notice. The swelling is the size of a cutie orange 🙁

What usually happens is by the age of 12 months the fluid collection should not be an issue anymore since the sac closes ( which should have happened before birth with baby boys) and everything should be good. Because the swelling is not going away we have a scheduled visit for Lachlan to go to a urologist for a surgery to close the sac since Lachlan’s body is not doing it itself. So this mama is a little worried and thought it was right to share with you guys something we are going through. I will keep you all updated – I think most likely we will keep an eye on it until he is about 2 years before surgery ( this is what I am thinking – we have not talked to the urologist yet).