Pint-Sized Prodigy Makes Mensa History

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Some of you may have already learned the news and thank you so much to everybody who hasn’t spilled the beans. We recently had Lawson’s IQ tested and were amazed by the results. I’m now amazed and delighted to share that Our little boy has now been accepted into American Mensa!

Why We Applied to Get Lawson in Mensa

Joining Mensa is a major accomplishment for one little three year old ( he joined back in June), but to me it’s more than just being part of a special club. He doesn’t know it yet, but the little ID card he loves so much is a symbol of the amazing resources we will now be able to access for him. As we have taken this journey of learning how different and how extraordinary Lawson’s mind is, my own mind has been wracked with anxiety about being able to keep up and give him the tools he will need to achieve his full potential. Could I wait to place him in school for two more years? What will he know by then? How would he be around his other classmates? Would he get left behind or forgotten by teachers? Or ruled out as a problem student with behavioral issues. The more I learned from reading other parents’ experiences I became certain that we would need to place him somewhere where he can get more positive reinforcement and stimulation now. That’s when I turned to Mensa. I learned about youth programs and courses that he could take. Plus, He would have the opportunity to socialize with other kids who are gifted like him. Little did I know that when he was finally accepted he would be making history.

The Youngest and Highest

Although Mensa is very protective of children’s identities and official records won’t be made public Lawson is the youngest member in American Mensa with the highest IQ which makes Mensa history. What that means is that although there is one member who is a little younger, Lawson has a staggering 151 IQ which is higher than the youngest member – which places him in the profoundly gifted category and makes him even more rare. Of course, he tested out of the exam he was given at the child psychologist’s office, so he will need to be tested again later to get the true number which will likely be even higher. Such giftedness is a huge blessing and a major responsibility for Eric and I. People are worried about us putting too much pressure on him, but the truth is that the pressure is all on us. It’s up to us to provide for all of our kids what they need to flourish and thrive; And we just learned that Lawson needs much, much more than the typical child. There are so many pitfalls and trials to sidestep and overcome as we do our best to raise a kind and decent person, while also taking into account his enormous potential and capacity for knowledge. 


Join my Journey


Finding help from other parents of gifted children is hard. They have their hands full, as do I, but I am in perhaps more of a unique position to share my insights and the resources I find valuable. I look forward to sharing this journey we’re on with all of you and making support and options more available to other parents out there who are looking for ways to set their gifted children up for success. One of the things I plan to share aside from the ups and downs of parenting a gifted child is some of the tips and helpful advice we’ll acquire along the way. This is scary and exciting and I hope to have your support as we embark on this road together. 

Do you have experience with gifted youth or have a gifted child? Share your story in the comments. I’d love to learn everything!



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  • Anna

    Many years ago I had a gifted boy in my regular 2nd grade class. We bumped him to third grade to keep him academically challenged. It was a private school on an island so there weren’t many other options. One thing about him and other students I had like him is that sometimes they can be socially awkward. I would be aware of that as he grows.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Congratulations Lawson. I know that you and your husband as parents will provide each of your children all they need in regards to giving them the best possible education possible, the best encouragement. I know you’ll pray over each of your children and their development in all realms of their lives. Don’t worry, rely on those moments of wisdom God will give you as you pray to him about your offspring.

  • Mary Sharpe

    I love this story! I had a child who was also gifted. He had behavioral problems in school and they tested him and said that he was able to read at 12th grade level and do math at 12th grade level. He was in the third grade. They wanted to move him up 4 grades. And because he seemed so immature, I said no. Biggest mistake of my life. I had to fight his teachers all of his school life and he was always miserable. He considered school a 12 year prison sentence! His teacher called me when he was in his senior year. He was flunking out of every subject. Barely going to graduate. She said that he took the SAT test and got such a high score that he could get into any college in the United States. Please talk him into going to college. But because he hated regular school so much, he wouldn’t hear of it.
    This all happened when there were no computers, or home schooling, or any way that I could find to help him. He is 53 now and works at construction. Such a waste for a brilliant mind. Everyone he talks to for a few minutes says how smart he is. He is a beautiful soul and a gentle nature and animal lover. He looks at the world in a whole different way.
    You are so blessed that you live in a time where you can research and reach out for help. I would have given anything to be able to help my son have an easier time.
    Please keep us updated on this challenging and exciting journey. Good Luck. I’ll be praying for you and cheering on Lawson from the sidelines!

  • Betty Forgacs

    One thing to know about a gifted child. You have to be very specific in your direction. I ask my daughter once to watch the pork chops cooking on the stove, I had to go a do something. I came back and the chops were burning in the pan and when I asked her why she let the burn… her answer was you only told me to watch them…

  • Michele Long

    Great news! I think this is wonderful. I love that you are affording your children opportunities to enrich their lives.