Best Camper Bathroom Ideas

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Worrying about where the next gas station is with an accessible toilet can be a huge drain when you are planning your next road trip, nobody wants to plan their route depending on the availability of a toilet. You want to explore the sights and landmarks, not the closest gas station car park. 

Or maybe you have found the perfect spot to set up camp, but there isn’t a toilet in sight. Luckily, there are many toilet alternatives, whatever your RV setup may be. Depending on your setup, some options will make more sense than others. 

You do not have to worry about this on your next trip with the following options and camper bathroom solutions. 

Composting Toilets

Firstly, if you have just purchased a van and plan on converting it into an RV for your adventures, then a self-contained composting toilet might be a worthwhile investment. These are great as you can designate an area for them and easily secure them to the floor to keep them in position. 

They use a system that separates the urine and excrement into separate containers. Depending on the model, the maintenance of these will vary, but as a standard the urine container (when regularly used by two people) will get full every two days. The excrement container when using the appropriate composting fibers will need emptying every two to three weeks. 

Portable Waste Tanks 

Another way that you can ensure access to a toilet without getting caught short is using portable waste containers. There are different types of RV portable waste tanks to choose from, and it is worth looking into how each one is emptied and breaks apart the waste in order to determine how frequently you should empty the container. 


For longer trips where you are unsure about the nearest waste collection unit, it could be worth purchasing two RV waste tanks. This is because there are different legal requirements that limit where you can and cannot empty the tanks. In some cases, you may find it difficult to find an appropriate area to empty the waste. 


Make sure you research this before hitting the road, and that there are plenty of the necessary chemicals stored in your vehicle to prevent odor build up. 

Wet Room

If you want to ensure that you can keep clean as well as use the bathroom wherever you are, it could be worth creating a wet bath setup. This acts as a compact section of your RV or van that can be locked for privacy, and is completely waterproof. 


There should be some form of drainage hidden in the floor, a toilet, small sink, and shower head. If you are creating this room yourself, make sure you have researched different examples to learn from other people’s experiences. You will not want to park in a campsite or on the side of the road to find that dirty water has not been draining. 


It is also important to research ahead of time places where you can drain your waste water. Some RVs have their own collection tanks, similar to waste tanks, that are relatively easy to empty at designated sites. 

Hidden Shower

Additionally, you could opt for a hidden shower mechanism that keeps the interior layout of your van or RV relatively open. Many people have already begun to get creative with unique trap doors revealing toilets, and sliding paneling or other covers to hide away showers. 


Consider setting up a hidden bathroom arrangement if you are less concerned about privacy, as the toilet is surprisingly exposed when it is in use. Some people enjoy this element of van life, but it is worth thinking about what kind of arrangement would work best for you and what items are more important to you. 

Water Collection

For another option that is a little more connected to nature and weather reliant, you could invest in a container that holds water above your head and heats in the sun. These are usually best set up in the outdoors, so you will need to fit a hook or something to attach the water bag to on your van’s exterior. 


The main disadvantage of this bathroom idea is that there is much less privacy than other methods, and it is less useful when considering a toilet arrangement. 


There are a surprising number of options when it comes to setting up your camper bathroom. Make sure you are finding something that works best for you and everyone in your group before getting set up.