How to Make a “Car Kit”

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How to Make a “Car Kit”
Ever need something when you’re driving, but don’t have it handy? Here’s a great way to have everything you need at your disposal:
Use a bag, like the one pictured above, to store car necessities.
A few ideas for the inside:
Hand Sanitizer
Feminine Products
Add anything else you find yourself needing while on the road and store in the glove compartment or any other space that is easily accessed!


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  • Mim

    I would also include a granola bar. Something healthy to snack on when your out an about, so you won’t be tempted with fast food.

  • Kelly Kumse

    I would, but Florida gets so hot that any liquid in a bottle will explode EVERYWHERE! I had my chapstick once in the car and when I opened the cap as I was driving it POURED out and stuck to my bare thigh like candle wax and immediately set up. Oh it was horrendous! I have a purse kit like this one that was it comes with me into the air conditioned stores/home/etc. 🙂

  • Danielle Guetter

    I drive a lot each and every day, and a few necessary items are:

    – a few granola bars! – for yourself if you’re famished, or sometimes I’ll give these to people asking for money on the street..instead of money, I ask if ‘this’ is okay, and often they’re happy to accept a healthy (ish) snack!
    – a blanket (in the winter) – in case you have car issues or anything and you happen to be stranded for any length of time (I live in Canada)
    -sunscreen in the summer (you never know if you’ll end up being outside for long lengths of time!)
    – dog kibble (if you see a stray dog or cat they’ll almost always come over to you if you have some food to shake around)
    – sunglasses
    – reusable grocery bag – in case you decide to run to the store while you’re out and about!

    And everything else you added! It can all be kept pretty compact!

  • Liz

    How about including wipes, and even some odor removing carpet cleaner and a towel? When you are shuttling little ones around, you never know when one of them will get road sick!

  • Kris Grove

    I like to keep some forever stamps, envelopes, and pen in case I have something to mail. And since I have cats, I keep a lint roller in the car.