I Am Going To Monsters University #Monstersuevent

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I talked about in a previous video that I was going back to school and I am so excited to be able tell you all more what I will be doing 🙂

If you missed the video check it out 🙂

  • ENGLISH 101: How to Tell a Great Story

Learn about the story process and how to draw a character from MU.

Instructor: Kelsey Mann (Story Supervisor)

  • SOCIOLOGY 203: The Deconstruction of a Character

Learn about the design of college-age Mike & Sulley, and creation & design of new characters in the film.

Instructors: Ricky Nierva (Production Designer), Jason Deamer (Character Art Director) & Daniela Strijleva (Character Designer)


  • ANTHROPOLOGY 152: Monsterizing the World

Learn about creating and “monsterizing” the world of MU.

Instructors: Dice Tsutsumi (Shading/Lighting Art Director) & Robert Kondo (Sets Art Director)


  • DRAMATIC ARTS: Bringing a Character to Life

Learn how the animation process works, and view an animation demo on a linux machine.

Instructor:  Scott Clark (Supervising Animator)


  • PHYSICS 250:  Global Illumination

View a presentation on the use of Global Illumination in MU and The Blue Umbrella.

Instructors:  Jean-Claude (JC) Kalache (DP-Lighting), Sanjay Bakshi (Supervising Technical Director) & Christine Waggoner (Simulation Supervisor)

Check out the Monsters University Freshman Orientation on Twitter #MonstersUEvent!