Class Action Lawsuit – Popchips – Claim $10 Cash Now

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** Class Action Lawsuit **

** Please Note — If this does not apply to you – please DO NOT apply**

Class Members of the Popchips settlement include anyone who resides in the United States and bought certain “Popchips” brand snack products between Jan. 1, 2007 and Nov. 14, 2013.  Popchips brand snack products include:

•“sour cream & onion”
•“sea salt & vinegar”
•“sweet potato”
•“parmesan & garlic”
•“salt & pepper”
•“chili lime”
•“thai sweet chili”
•“brown sugar & spice”
•“nacho cheese tortilla chips”
•“ranch tortilla chips”
•“salsa tortilla chips”
•“chili limón tortilla chips”
•“katy’s kettle corn”
•“salted caramel corn”
•“hint of butter corn chips”
•“cheddar corn chips”
•“sea salt corn chips”
•“salsa corn chips”
•“sea salt rice chips”
•“wasabi rice chips”
•“golden cheddar multi grain chips”
•“salted multi grain chips”

•“olive oil veggie chips”
•“tuscan herb veggie chips”
•“sea salt veggie chips”


Reward – Up to $10 Cash or $20 in Product Vouchers

No proof of purchase required

 Apply for The Claim – GO HERE

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