Failure As A Mother

I have wanted to write this post for a while. It will be a little of a ramble – I kinda feel like a failure as a mom. Not really – let me explain. Eric and I are not the tallest people – so it is no wonder that the twins as not large in height or weight. Something I have not told you guys is how little they are. I always chuckle when I get the comments – WOW they are growing so big. In reality the twins have not really grown in months – like at all.

Both are in 9 months clothes ( they will be 18 months) and will be in 9 month clothing for a while longer. If we want the best fit realistically ( this is in Carters sizes) – Lawson would wear 6 month top plus 3 – 6 month pants and Gwendolyn is 6 – 9 month top with 3- 6 month pants.

Example : Lawson is wearing 3 month top with 3 – 6 month pants and Gwendolyn is in a 9 month dress. Now I am not worried about them health wise – they have tons of whole milk ( with breast milk), balanced diet, and tons of exercise. This is my problem – it is not really a problem but something that bugs me. It all started when a friend of mine had a baby about 3 months ago. She wrote a post on Facebook and her baby is weighing in at 15 POUNDS and measuring ahead in height!!! The twins just hit 20 pounds a month ago. Beyond that she talked about how strong he was. Basically saying weight and height = strength and health – discussing how she was a great mom because he was excelling.

I read this Facebook update and it has bugged me daily for weeks now. Not overly bugging but it made me think – did I fail my kids in some way? We are trying the hardest we can but weight had never stuck to these two ( but they always gain what they need to per their doctor) – not sure why they do not grow at a faster rate – I am assuming it must be genetics.

In the end I am just a little bummed out plain and simple. I keep feeling like I did something wrong  🙁