Update On Gwenivere’s Potential Brain Issue

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Hopefully the title works for this post – I was not sure how to word it.

Way back about a year ago I had my 20 week ultrasound for Gwenivere and there was an issue that popped up from it – read ALL ABOUT IT HERE. The link goes to the post I wrote at the time that has all the details.

Long story short – they could not find a part of her brain. It was decided we would wait for a few months and try again. We did – and they again could not find part of her brain ( but he head was in a weird position) so much of her brain was not seen.

So we decided to wait again until 36 weeks ( little did I know I would be having Gwenivere that day) – my blood pressure ended up being some crazy number like 170/120 or similar and I was rushed to the hospital and popped out Gwenivere. But before that we did one last try – and he head was so engaged in my pelvis you could barely make out a skull much less a part of the brain.

So the conclusion was to wait to see if she started to miss milestones. But I am HAPPY to report that she is ROCKIN those milestones. She is rolling, crawling, and saying a couple of words. The only thing she is missing right now is sitting; however, she loves to be on the move and hates to be still for even a few seconds.