Do We Want a Girl or a Boy – Baby 5

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To follow Baby 5’s Journey Go HERE.

Basically baby 5 is our tie-breaker.

We have our 2 girls and our 2 boys. Last time I was pretty much in the middle. This time it is somewhat the same but I do want one more than the other.

This want is due to the fact we have so many kids so close together. Our boys are a bit harder than the girls – so I am leaning girl this time for that reason. However, I understand any child can be difficult so who knows. We are both really in the middle since we already have 2 of each. I will say I will be posting the gender this time around. Covid really messed things up last time. When I am writing this post I do not know the gender but hope to find out in a month or two!

What Gender Do You Think Baby 5 is?