Do I Want A Boy Or A Girl

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We have currently one girl and two boys. So number 4 is either going to even things OR tip the scales to 3 boys and one girl.

I have taken 2 gender tests – you can see one HERE and the other HERE

A few have guessed twins again – 100% there is only one healthy baby in there.

The biggest question I have been asked so far is if I want a boy or a girl. Honestly…. I want a girl a smidge more. I love my two boys – if I could get another little boy like Lachlan ( sign me up) – because he is super calm and sweet. BUT then I think of all the dresses Gwendolyn use to wear and I suddenly want to experience a girl again. I think it is because our first 2 were a boy and a girl – and I was just trying to keep my head above water the first year and I did not get to experience much of those sweet moments.

Having Lachlan it has been amazing to experience him one-on-one. I would really like a one-on-one experience with a little girl – it is those dang dresses that get me every time oh and those bows.

Plus I like the idea of having 2 boys and 2 girls. I love my two boys – but I have no idea how 3 boys will be – during that wild stage. Those girls can be wild too. SEE the problem I am having…. But based on the dresses – I am wanting a girl – a SMIDGE more than a boy.

What gender do you hope the baby is?

We are planning a fun gender reveal with the kids in the VERY near future.