This Happened While I Was At The Hospital

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This ALWAYS happens.

I will say I am getting better standing up for myself ( a huge part because of your input). I am finally setting my foot down about this issue.

The issue – I have difficult veins – no idea why. They look great but when someone tries to put in an IV or get blood they “roll”. I only have ONE good vein and it is located on my left arm inside my elbow area. It is a must to have some heat and it is good to go. Heat is a must.

Normally when I need blood drawn at the OB – I let them know and the nurse will do what I tell them and it is never a problem.

The issue happens at the hospital. I will need some blood work done and sometimes an IV. If I had to take a guess it has happened about 5 times now – every c section or like this current trip to labor and delivery last week. It is always the same. The nurse comes in and says she needs to start an IV ( this is how they get fluids in me and sometimes medication I need). I let the nurse know about what placement is best. I do know the placement of an IV on the inside of an arm is not ideal – however I tell them if it is not done with that vein they will burst the other ones and it is a painful mess and lasting bruise I do not want to deal with. I also have a nice scar from a busted vein when I gave birth to Lachlan.

Every time – these are different nurses by the way assure me they know what they are doing. Guess what…. EVERY TIME…. EVERY TIME…. they try a vein they think is perfect. EVERYTIME… they try and I hear… “Oh…no” ” Oh… darn” ” shoot”. Every time they bust my vein and starts the blood coming out and leaving me with a nice and painful bruise for at least a week. The photo I used for this post is how my arm looks 5 days after.

This time around she only busted one vein and listen to me — and would you believe it was able to get the IV with little issue.

When I was about to give birth to Lachlan 4 different nurses ended up trying and busted 5 different veins. They ended up having to call in an IV specialist who got it on the first try. It was a mess.

I have counted – 10 attempts and 10 times the vein that the nurse chose did not work.

But I am not going to let it happen again. I am going in for another c section next month and I am going to hold my ground and call for an IV specialist right away. I was told last time that they had to ruin at least one vein to call them. I don’t want too delay things – what would you do? Would you allow a nurse to try again or would you stand your ground for them to call in a specialist?

I am already so nervous that I am planning on standing my ground. But I really hate being in pain.