How I Make My Coffee On The Go

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I have some really good news for coffee lovers.  I only know that because of how excited Eric is about new Equal Café Creamers exclusively at Walmart.  Eric is the biggest coffee fan I have ever met.  He loves it black, but he also has certain creamer requirements depending on the blend, the flavor, the body, and the overall quality of the beans.  When he’s out of coffee or on the go he will often run to the nearest convenience mart where he sometimes prefers a lower grade coffee when enhanced by a good creamer to a gourmet cup of coffee with naturally subtle, nuanced notes and aromas.  When he has coffee in the office, he says creamer is a must.


When it comes to dressing up a cup of coffee and giving it some added character he is very particular about creamers he prefers and he is over the moon about Equal, because it is made with real cream, it comes in five great flavors, and it’s only ten calories.

He says that flavored creamer is the only good way to flavor coffee.  Syrups and pre flavored coffee are always too harsh on the palate and ruin the flavor, but a good flavored creamer like Equal Café Creamers gives the coffee that great enhanced flavor he looks for in a soft creamy cloud that coats the coffee in a much more pleasing and satisfying way.


French Vanilla is obviously his standby, but we’ve embraced the whole variety of flavors at home with Hazelnut, mocha, caramel macchiato, and original.  Like all the best creamers out there, Equal Café Creamers do not need to be refrigerated.  It’s super convenient to pick up because it’s right there in the coffee aisle at Walmart.  And don’t forget, because it’s Equal, you know it is suitable if you’re diagnosed with Diabetes, because it has no sugar added.


Each travel friendly bottle comes with 24 servings, which means, I just have to pack it in Eric’s lunch once a month to keep him sustained while he’s at work.  What’s your coffee ritual?  Do you have a go-to flavor of choice when adding cream to our coffee?  Let me know in the comments.