Cuddl Duds Winter Sheets and Comforters On Sale at Kohl’s

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This Kohl’s sponsored post reviews our Cuddl Duds winter sheet set. All opinions are my own.

I don’t know about what’s going on at all of your homes, but our trees are officially in hibernation mode. We had a good fall, outrunning the cold and wet for the most part, but the shorter days and darkening skies mean a lot more snuggling under the covers. Who wants to get out of bed on a cold rainy morning when the sun isn’t even out? The shift in seasons has us climbing into bed almost as soon as the twins and Lachlan are put to sleep.

Of course, it might also have something to do with chasing two year olds around the house all day. Regardless, we are spending a lot more time bundling up, so we decided to switch out our old summer sheet set with a new cozier set from Kohl’s. We found an adorable Cuddl Duds flannel quilt set that has the perfect seasonal vibe. More importantly, it’s soft, cozy, warm and weighty. Everything you want in a winter bedspread.


New Winter Decor

Buying these Cuddl Duds bed sheets and comforter from Kohl’s was our first step in adding some winter flair to our home — Outside of new scented candles and plug-ins. We still aren’t sure about how we will do the tree and other decor as we get closer to the holidays. With the rest of our house claimed by rampant toddlers, It’s so nice to have our secluded little winter paradise that nobody can destroy.