Being Pregnant During A Pandemic

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Here I am at 36 weeks!

So being pregnant during a pandemic SUCKS like everything else happening right now.

It has been so different from my pregnancy just a year ago. Basically the biggest changes are these:

Eric is not allowed to be part of anything having to do with the doctor – though he is allowed in the hospital

Bye – Bye OB: I had an OB that I liked and never saw him again after this all started. They started to do a rotation ( having OB’s take mandatory vacations). Since the pandemic started I have seen over 10 different providers ( who never seem to read your chart before they see you. Most of my visits are through zoom. All of this is somewhat annoying but fine since I already have been through pregnancy a few times. I would be pretty upset if I was a first time mom.

No parties: We have been good and limiting going out and who we are around to basically just us and my parents when we have to go to the hospital.

Just overall BLAH! This is just a hard time for every family and person out there. I really hope this all blows over soon.

It really does feel like you are having to be pregnant on your own without much support. I do wish I could hug all those first time moms out there pregnant right now… I wish it was better for you.